Pouring Iron with AbOminOg Intl. Arts Collective

Featuring: MC Reiley, Rory Mahon, Scot Thompson, Kate Graves, Robin Robinson, David Robinson, Aylin Green.

With artwork by: MC Reiley, Kate Graves, Oki Fukunaga, Rory Mahon, Gregore Alexis Bugaeff, Dave Bruno

Music: Come On, Let’s Go by Honah Lee

Video created by Zachary Smith and Maria Ivarsson: thecolorcrew.com
Additional Camera: Richard McLean

Shot at the studio of AbOminOg Intl. Arts Collective with additional footage from Trenton Art all Night, Art all Day, and The Grounds for Sculpture

Special thanks to Aylin Green, The Grounds for Sculpture and Honah Lee

Also check out: abominog.org and honahleemusic.com

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