Our animators have been working on a handful of simple animations to illustrate how you will control the Golem in our game. In this video, Adam Volker walks you through how you might control the Golem through a basic action: walking. You'll also see how this simple action will evolve into more control of the Golem and even more complex abilities.

We're working on how this type of control will translate to more complex actions like jumping and attacking enemy forces. We want the player to experience the same emotions that the Golem would experience while learning its capabilities. The Golem will need great focus on moving his legs as it takes its first steps and so will the player.

As you progress through the game, the controls will be unexpected, but intuitive. You will feel greatly rewarded and experience the thrill of guiding the Golem through graceful sequences or epic battles. Our goal to have control become second nature and gradually evolve as you learn to jump, throw and battle enemy forces.

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