A parody of Aladdin's "A Whole New World"; we present to you "A Whole New Lobe"
A whole new lobe
I can show you the brain, the frontal lobe is quite splendid, prefrontal cortex let's your brain decide, primary motor cortex helps produce movement; Broca's area helps language prefrontal serves cognitive.
A whole new lobe, the temporal lobe is emotional, primary auditory cortex helps you hear stuff, Wernicke's area helps your speaking,
A whole new lobe, the parietal lobe that is sensory, but the sensory cortex, sorts things out for us, and help us feel pain and touch things,
Now I'm in a whole new lobe with you, somatosensory cortex, touch and pain are assessed, temperature sense and limb position also happen here,
A whole new lobe, don't you dare close your mind, the occipital lobe helps you see, every movement and colour, the primary visual cortex sorts those things out for us,
cerebellum, controls movement and balance,
brainstem relays information from the body to the brain,
let me share all the lobes with you,
A whole new lobe, that's where you'll see, the thrilling space, the wondrous place, where the brain will be.

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