Southern Adventist University came to me in 2012 and asked me to make a video with a "spiritual" emphasis. We chose the Sabbath.

The Sabbath is something that makes being a Seventh-day Adventist special. As a church we honor the seventh day of the week as a day of rest, and a celebration of the life God has given us. This short video follows the stories of four individuals who all find a unique meaning in the Sabbath.

Thank you to everyone that made this video possible:
Dillan Forsey, Andrew Aldridge, Keolani Dingilius, Brian Castellanos, Joselyn Ghulam, Kayce Foote, Kim Quiambao, Brandon Wilson, Annalyse Hasty, Jordan Sager, Mark Comberiate, Laurel Shuller, Erica Edwards, Kenneth Blaser, Isaac James, Southern Adventist University, and Ingrid Skantz.

This video was filmed on a Canon 5d MKIII.

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