After about 40 hours of editing, I'm finally finished. This edit took time, dedication, and a lot of stress. I ran into uncountable glitches and bugs with Vegas, lost data, corrupted files, but I finally pulled through. And I'm happy to say that I'm glad with how this came out. I really am. I feel that this is a big step forward for me. I'll be watching the premiere of the second half of season 3 tonight. :)

Originally I had planned to use this song with Breaking Bad. Shortly after, I found that someone else had already made a highly successful and well-done Breaking Bad edit with the same song. But I couldn't let this piece of music go to waste. I had been planning on making another attempt at a Walking Dead video, so I used it on this.

Song: The Way
Composer: Zack Hemsey

Television Show: AMC's The Walking Dead

This video is strictly fanmade. I do not own the rights to The Walking Dead, AMV, or Zack Hemsey's album, The Way. This video is not commercial and I am making no profit from it. So leave me alone, copyright people.

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