Filmmaker reel for Michael Tushaus, owner of Digisphere Productions Inc.

Digisphere Productions Inc. is an award-winning production company that has all of your needs to create a production on an indie budget. We can meet all of your production needs from RED Camera and equipment, to crew support, to sound and lighting. We have an award winning creative team that can help you write the script, get all your resources gathered, and even design your costumes if you so choose.

We collaborate with several top notch professionals from Las Vegas and Los Angeles. So, if you need it, we have it, or we know how to get it. Directors, D.P.’s, Sound, Lighting, Actors, Casting, Music, Sound FX, Costumes, Make-up, Props, Graphic Design, Visual FX, Stunts and much, much more.

Proven. With our productions like the 'The Adventures of Loop & Rhett,' 'PIE,' 'Whatever It Takes,' 'Guardian Angel' and more, we have proven we can make the toughest of film projects and come out with 21 festival selections, 18 awards, 12 awards nominations, and international distribution from a company that represents Oscar finalist films.

Flexible. We can make commercials, short films, TV shows-- you name it. We produce all forms of media from feature-length to 30 second ad spots. Our goal is to help create very creative, high-production-value pieces that are highly successful for our clients.

We can also provide the service and support for post-production. This includes editing, syncing, sound design and mixing- including 5.1 Dolby Surround, and file conversions and mastering for all forms of media such as DVD, BluRay, Web content and more. We can also even provide license-free music, or have our in-house composer write you that next blockbuster orchestral score.

For more information on how we can help you make that next award-winning film or production,
email us at

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