This episode features an exclusive interview with Armen Georgian, France 24's Foreign Affairs Analyst, about the French Intervention in Mali. Armen joined the us live from Paris, France on February 15, 2013 to update us on the situation in the ground in Mali.

Joining us on this episode's panel is Christopher Oman, Max Lesser, and Shiah Shahmohammadi. Max Lesser joins us at the episode's special guest host. Christopher Oman and Shiah Shahmohammadi joins us from the right and left, respectively.

Immigration Reform and Gun Control are among the issues discussed in this episode.This Colonial Crossfire episode was originally taped on February 15, 2013. y Morner-Ritt and Julie Bessler produced the Immigration Reform and Gun Control segments, respectively.

Last but not least, this episode also features a special State of the Union edition of "Spilled Milk". "Spilled Milk" was created and is produced by Jonathan Csapo. Kevin Frey is Colonial Crossfire's Moderator and Managing Editor. John Torrisi is the show's Executive Producer.

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