"His name was Fast Draw Edgar. He was the baddest bandito of the old old west. He never got out of that wilderness, but people say his ghost still wanders there, guarding his bag of gold. And any man fool enough to try and steal it plays a risky game of poker with Death."

I first premiered Gold of the Lost Bandito in April 2012 as 3 webisodes. I feel like it's about time I present it as I originally wanted people to see it. I hope you enjoy, and please don't be shy to send comments my way! The only bad review is no review!

A Film By Jacob Snyder
Voiced by: Mark Dodson (markdodsonvoicetalent.com)
Puppets by: Jacob Snyder, Hope Lehenbauer
CG Visual Effects by: Joseph Tierney (jtierneycreative.com)
Costumes By: Rachel Kempf
Story By: Jacob Snyder
Creative Consultant: Scott Helfrich
JSF Logo Design: Leo Kempf

Jacob Snyder
Zac Coleman
Ben Taylor
Drew Schnaath
Mark Malkowicz

Jacob Snyder
Drew Schnaath
Thomas Malkowicz

"Finale: Adagio lamentoso" by Peter I. Tchaikovsky (musopen.org)
"Spaghetti Western" by Stickfigure (reverbnation.com/stickfigure333)
Apple Loops
"Negotiations" from SmartSound Music Library
"Desperate Measures" & "New Chapter" by Mark Petrie

The original Gold of the Lost Bandito webisodes were featured on the Ain't It Cool News SATURDAY SHORTS:


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