A selection of my film work from the past 7 years at Rhythm & Hues. All shots were composited in R&H's proprietary software Icy except for the intro and outro which were done in Nuke.

'The A-Team' 2010

Full cg shots. Integration of painted sky and ground, fx clouds, fx flares, fx fire, cg planes, missiles and explosions. 2d treatment for lens water, lens dust, and lens flares (co-wrote a new anamorphic lens flare node for this show).

'Life of Pi' 2012

00:30- Integration of painted sky and clouds, fx water, fx splashes, cg boat, and blue screen Pi element.
00:33- Integration of blue screen plate including pi, the boat, and water surface with painted sky and cg water, light rays, and fish.
00:36- Integration of cg tiger, cg water, and cg fish reflection. Also the blurry vision treatment.

'Fast and Furious' 2009

00:43- Integration of plate car and overturned truck with cg road, cliffs, bg, and burning tanker.
00:44-00:45- same as above
00:47- integration of live action car with the full cg environment and fx, addition of 2d oil and fire elements

'Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked'2011

00:52- Replaced everything beyond the first hill/waterfall with a painting, integration of live action waterfall into painting, added really small birds :)
00:54-00:57- Chipmunk integration and sky replacement, water cc
00:58- Developed look of underwater environment, integrated chipmunk, fx water surface, fx bubbles, 2d light rays, cg fish, and painting of rocks.

'Night at the Museum'2006

01:10-1:16- Integration of cg animals, shadows and reflections with the live action bg plates. All animals in these shots are cg.

'The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor'2008
01:19- Integration of live action floor with cg ceiling, diamond pool, dragon, and pagoda structure. 2d fire elements, mist elements and dust hits.

Music: Emancipator: First Snow

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