This short film is a portrait about Phil, a street musician in London, playing his acoustic guitar to entertain people strolling around Southbank in London.

Background Info:

This short was shot within two hours on 21/02/2013. I challenged myself to go out for a couple of hours and look for a small story to shoot. After having shot a couple of pick up shots of London I came across the distinct sound of an acoustic guitar. Seeing how Phil performed in the freezing cold and still managing to attract an audience I was sold that this would be the perfect person to shot a portrait of. The scene of Southbank, including Westminster and the London Eye also painted the perfect Background for this short.

Gearwise, I was supplied with a SONY FS100 to test out by Paul, a fellow attendant of Den Lennie's Cinematic Documentary Workshop. I want to say another big thanks for that. It allowed me to to test the camera in a real life shooting situation and see if it would fit my needs. I was very happy with the results as even with pushing the camera to its limits it still deliveres a very good image.

Apologies for the Sound quality as it is a little edgy. I had to improvise, due to a faulty mic on the FS100. I recorded sound with my iPhone in the front Poket of Phils jacket. Not ideal but it got the job done somehow.

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