The "Dicke Bertha" is a Slackline developed by Landcruising for hardest Longline Training Sessions. We had the Chance to get it from Landcruising as a loan. Trying to defeat that line, needs a lot of power and the ability to walk a line that endings are not to control. But it is a very good practice for Longlines >150 m.
I think 60m are never rigged before and with a total weigt of 580 g/m it is one of the hardest lines to walk below 100m.
It was a nice snowy day at the Palais in Dresden at all. Hope this short vid makes you fun.

EDIT: OK it was only 514 g/m, sorry for that mistake, don't cut anything at night! ;)

Greets Thomas and Tobi from the Slackline WG Dresden.

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