My 2D Animation project of my college course.

Christmas on the Moon, is a completely (except for the snow and titles) hand drawn/painted 2D animation. I produced this buy drawing and painting all the cels by hand and scanning them into the computer and placing them together.
The story was originally a lot longer, more balloons appeared, you saw him placing the decorations on the rocket, and at the end, the final balloon had a present from Earth on it, and it was all sweet and adorable. However, who knew painting and drawing so many images would take so much time!
I am annoyed that some of the cels show too much, especially the stars. But they were slightly rushed due to them being produced almost at the right end of making it.

I am overall pleased to highest mountains with this. It took so long and it worked out so much better than I ever thought and I hope to continue making hand drawn animations from now on. =)

Copyrights go to the Isle of Wight College.

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