Neil Malone - ' there/now/here/then '
Roman Liebach - ' A matter of Matter '

Stockroom’s 2013 artistic programming kicks of with two renowned artists who share a particular approach to art making: the experience of our environment, whether natural or man-made, filtered through the mind of the artist and transformed into material expression.

Neil Malone presents a series of work that extends on an art residency and exhibition undertaken in Tokyo in early 2012. Responding to the local environment and drawing inspiration from seasonal change his work reflects the transformational aspects of contemplative spaces. there/now/here/then takes the approaches applied in Japan, developing and extending them to a local Australian context.

Roman Liebach works with a focus on the experience of materiality. Whether man-made or of the natural world, it is the meanings carried in materials that provide sources of inspiration. Rather than investigations of specific types of object or form, Liebach deals in the experiences we have when dealing with things, and our appreciation of their common origin and source – the Earth.

Neil Malone 's exhibition is kindly sponsored by Youkobo art Space

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