This is a project made for my Engineer's Thesis - it covers 300m2 of real (existing) buildings and other structures located between the streets of Stojałowskiego and 11 Listopada in Bielsko-Biała city ( - Google Maps view on the mentioned area - the run starts in the upper-right corner of the screen).

Some rough numbers and trivia:
1) production time - 1 year and 3 months (including several gaps),
2) render time - about 300h,
3) software: Maxon Cinema 4D R12, Adobe Production Premium CS6, SynthEyes 2011, vray4c4d,
4) hardware: originally started on Q6600, 4GB DDR2 in Dual-Channel, 2x250GB RAID 0 (system + scene files), 1,5TB (data + full work backup) + 8GB Patriot XT backup. It seemed not enough so I switched to i7 920, 12GB DDR3 in Tri-Channel, same old RAID, 2TB for data + backups (my 1,5TB crashed along the way) and a 16GB Patriot XT (which was full about two-three weeks before deadline),
5) 18 highly detailed buildings + a lot of BG/proxy structures,
6) over 130 textures,
7) the full soundtrack was created by recording my own runs, steps, hits and rolling on the sidewalk (:P) with a Zoom H4 recorder,
8) 520 frames, 118 versions of animation, 75 versions of background buildings, 27 versions of foreground buildings, 4 different packs (28 elements) of FG/BG details (cars, street signs, lamps, antennas, rooftop windows, vents, coolers, pipes, cables and of course the old mattress), 102 versions of the final scene,
9) a ~130-node script was created in XPresso to generate the head bob based on the camera's speed and rotation,
10) adding the cars knocked my system down (moar RAM!!) so they had to be rendered separately and combined with the main sequence in post,
11) the project's final size was 15,87GB (without renders),
12) final version's DPX sequence size - 2,13GB.

It's been a hell of a year so I hope you like it ;)


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