My wife and I had a short break away in Iceland for our honeymoon, not the type to take a break relaxing on a beach, we decided instead to try our luck at chasing the Aurora Borealis and tick it off our bucket list.
After arriving in Reykjavik, the met office forecast was low, and vey cloudy. Not a great start.
Some research and time checking the forecast, we decided to hire a car and head as far North and towards the East of the Country as we could... 5 hours and 2 car-pool hikers later, we arrived in the little town of Akureyri.

Armed with a Nikon D700 and plenty of warm clothes, we rode out of town down Road One and up the coast of the Fjord... this being our first attempt at chasing the lights, we weren't that hopeful in seeing them in all their glory. How wrong we were.
After a couple of hours driving and stopping to look, we saw a shimmer of green from behind one of the many mountains. I set up the camera on the tripod, on a 20 second exposure - the results were impressive. Well, they were to me, especially for my first attempt at capturing the Aurora!
After a few minutes, the sky just exploded with a display of dancing colours and lights shimmering right above our heads. Being alone, with nobody else in sight, it was like our very own private showing! We couldn't believe our luck! The display lasted for around an hour, with the peak being around 20 minutes, maybe more - time seemed to have no relevance during our special moment.

I took a couple of hundred photos, trying to get a mixture of time-lapse and single images of my wife and myself together to remember forever. I just wish I had 3 or 4 cameras to set up and capture as much as possible!
We chased again the following night, but the cloud coverage was just far too intense, with only a small short displays of the Aurora.
Needless to say, we plan to return one day in the future in hope of capturing another display.

I hope you enjoy my short video, the quality and content isn't perfect but hopefully enough to give you a glimpse of what we saw that night, I can only dream of matching the same quality of some of the other Aurora videos here on Vimeo.

Please feel free to add any comments or to ask any questions.

This video is dedicated to my amazing wife, Zan.

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