Extempore has always run on ARM processors for the Scheme language but now Extempore also supports on-the-fly compilation of xtlang targeting ARM machine code. This rough and ready little video shows Ben Swift in an xtlang session 5 minutes after we finally got everything running. We were pretty excited so we made this video to 'capture the moment'. In other words this video isn't supposed to sound pretty, it's just a demonstration of *working* on-the-fly ARM code generation.

Ben is ssh'ing into an ARM Cortex-a9 Pandaboard (the left one) to start the Extempore session (bottom window) and is then connecting to the session for on-the-fly code compilation (top window). Audio is coming from the bottom socket which is connected to two external monitors.

It goes without saying that this is a very inefficient use of CPU cycles as the example uses sample-by-sample 64bit floating point calculations. It will be interesting to see how far we can push these little boards once we start optimizing things. Now that we have ARM up and running we have plans to start targeting a range of boards/phones/tablets.

Thanks to Ben Swift and Alistair Riddell for hosting me for the week, and supplying the pandemonium of Pandas ;)

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