Are you a new Mortgage Broker or Loans Officer and find yourself wondering what to do to build your business success? Well stop wondering; you're in the right place! In this sales training video Master Sales Coach Rich Grof gives a proven sales techniques and coaching tips on how to develop your sales funnel, your sales conversion and your business as a Mortgage Broker or Loans Officer, . Rich will cover all the steps you need to go through to get the basics on how to make set up your business and increase your sales.
The sales discovery is the first point of contact and the first area to master to get more new clients.

This is Video 1 of 4 in a basic sales training series called "Winning Your Sales Prospect" (don't to forget to check out our level 1 sales coaching & training series called "STARTING YOUR BUSINESS AS A MORTGAGE BROKER")

Intermediate - Training & Coaching

**Video 1 - The Sales Discovery Process
**Video 2 - Your Ideal Sales Prospects
**Video 3 - Learning the Power of Your Clients Emotion Hook & Emotional Language
**Video 4 - Interest Rate Objections

Basic - Training & Coaching

**Video 1 - Prospecting Strategies
**Video 2 - Marketing Strategies
**Video 3 - Networking
**Video 4 - Referral Marketing
**Video 5 - Cold Calling & Finding "NOW" Opportunity
**Video 6 - Strategic Alliances
**Video 7 - Data Base Marketing
**Video 8 - The Sales Process
**Video 9 - Mortgage Process Technical Training

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