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For people interested in the track itself, it is taken from the "Let 'Em Hang / Meltdown" record. Info, mp3 etc:


The visuals are mixed algorithmically, with minimal human intervention. The AI I wrote makes ~95% of the decisions.

Made entirely with dvj, interim_descriptor's open source music video DJ+VJ software. No commercial video editing software was used to create this video.

GPLv3 source code:


Music - Broken Note
Macro-scale visual mixing - interim_descriptor
Micro-scale visual mixing - interim_descriptor's dvj AI
Particle Interlude - Mark Newman
Programming - interim_descriptor & Mark Newman
Inspiration - Chris Cunningham, Alex Rutterford

This 480p version is intended for display on home computer systems.

An ultrawide 1920x480 version is also available:


This video assumes it will be displayed in a dark environment, on an ultra-bright projector, so it can assault your fully dilated pupils. Viewing it on your computer monitor, in a lit room, with Vimeo's white background, at 30 frames per second, will be pretty much like listening to dubstep on laptop speakers. The best way to experience this, as intended, is to see it live.

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