This is a video of one aspect of my alternate energy research.

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Continuing from "PneuTruck 1" (, all that was needed to shut pessimistic people up was to drive away! That only required a set of tanks - ideally, some carbon fiber cuties would be appropriate, but aluminum scuba tanks would suffice. I'm sick of throwing away money trying to prove everything to the unfaithful, but I didn't have enough for a set of tanks for this project even if I wanted to digress - this project was about studying internal combustion engines and conversions, not about wasting time trying to guarantee some ROI to the unfaithful! I thought about it and decided to compromise by hauling around a trailer-mounted compressor. Boy was I in for a challenge!

The trailer easily weighed twice as much as my 'overbuilt golf cart' - my gutted mini-truck. Imagine trying to pedal your bicycle around while pulling 2 other bikes! Moreover, the trailer would actually lift my little tail-end completely up off the ground and push me wherever it wanted me! EVEN MORE, the 300,000 mile-truck had NO brakes left, and I wasn't about to waste the time and money rebuilding them, so I would have to manhandle it using only the tiny, very old clutch of an as-of-yet-untested experimental engine! OKAY! Let's do this!

NOTHING for me as an inventor would be worse than to have my brainchild be the cause of some tragic accident, so I picked an open field and played it as safe as I could - I didn't do anything exciting… that is, except for driving around in an air-powered truck that I made!

The engine was very torquey which was even further accented by it's very light weight, so I had to go ridiculously easy on the clutch as I spun out wherever I went - even at idle and at the low pressure and the low RPM that this engine runs most efficiently at. That didn't matter so much, however, since according to the laws of momentum, mass always wins, so the trailer was clearly in-charge! In fact, I had to keep repeating: "Where does an '800-pound gorilla' sit?" - "Anywhere it wants to!" just to remind myself how I was going to react just before I had to react. In the end, you could say that "the trailer went for a drive" and that I used an experimental, pneumatic, mini-truck without any brakes to try to control its general direction, HA! But it did work, and I got it on video!

So the next question from the unfaithful is "how far?" For that, I'd use my non-public engines and they'd have to ante-up with some tanks! I'd comfortably take that bet, and I know I'd be going home with some nice tanks afterward :)

Music: Robbie Robertson - "Coyote Dance" Music for the Native Americans

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