So Show Me, based on Eva Bajulka's 'The Beast' is a dramatic short film about grief, love and acceptance.
Elle struggles to cope in the real world after the death of her girlfriend B.

This film was made by 6 students at Curtin University in Western Australia, and it contributed greatly towards their final grade of the semester. The film was entered into the first annual WA Campus Film Competition where it was very well received by audiences.

Director: Dion Healey
Sceen writer: Jessie Shook
Producer: Samantha Storer
Executive Producer: Stuart Bender
Cinematographer: Vianka Xu
Production Designer: Ashlee Sellen
Editor: Zachary Cruz-Tan
Sound Designer: Jessie Shook

Rebecca Goodlet
Liberty Faith
Pete Townsend
Jarryd Dobson
Daniel O'Brian
James Maxwell

Ashlee Sellen
Jessie Shook
Dion Healey
Zachary Cruz-Tan
Liberty Faith
Waseem Parker
Anthony Sciascia

Zachary Cruz-Tan
Linda Sellen
Aisha Valenti
Heather Kate

Special thanks to:
Fairholm Mental Heath
The Sellen family
Darren Healey
Michael Cunningham
Keith Coote
Sam Ismail
Adam Barrett

"Building a House" by Felicity Groom
"The Natural Gardener" by Jacob Diamond
courtesy of Fat Shan Records

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