In 1948, three soldiers were shot dead and several others injured
while marching to the Osu castle. This was an attempt to petition the British colonial
government of the then Gold Coast to pay their pensions
and other gratuities after fighting in the Second World War. Their
death sparked massive riots in the colony and provided a much needed
impetus for the political leaders of the era to press for independence
from the colonial government.

The Heroes’ Day Celebration is held annually in honor of the fallen soldiers and their compatriots; a recognition of their sacrifice towards the freedom of the nation. The night will involve a reenactment of the events leading up to the 1948 riots in an evening of drama, dance and music.

"Shedaaye" is a Ga word which means thanks/gratitude and it is used in this context to capture the sense of appreciation the play holds for the valiant soldiers. Ga is one of the major local languages spoken in Ghana predominantly by the indigenous people of the Greater Accra region, the capital city of Ghana.

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