I bought a Pet Mate C-20 automatic cat feeder to use as an auto-feeder for my rabbit. I wanted to have an autofeeder to set when I would be gone for a night and not back until the next morning.

**Note, you should NEVER rabbits unattended for more than a day as they can suddenly get gastric stasis which can be fatal if not treated immediately.**

The Pet Mate C-20 works great, but it's designed for cats. A persistent rabbit will chew away on the corners of the lid to get at the delicious pellets inside, as mine did. After using it a couple times, the lids will become useless.

To prevent this from happening further again, I bought some replacement lids off of Amazon and fitted them with metal siding. There's no sharp corners exposed, so he can't hurt himself, but my rabbit was unable to chew away at the lid.

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