“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”- Benjamin Franklin

At the heart of building a better world is investing in education. The goal of the Bright Funds Education Fund is to provide people around the world with access to a quality education.

Preparing the youngest generation to think critically and solve problems is one of the most important long-term investments we can make.

To meet this challenge, we’ve looked at multiple aspects of education-- Both in the United States and abroad, to ensure quality learning takes place where it’s needed most.

Our Education Fund has four critical components:

==Resources and Infrastructure: Because a quality educational experience demands essentials from the textbooks students read to the schools in which they learn

==How we learn is equally important-- which is why our fund focuses on
recruiting, training and supporting Excellent Educators to ensure that students have the best possible educational experience. Ask anyone in education-- A good teacher can make all the difference.

==The third critical component of our fund focuses on Accessible education, in order to provide people across the country and around the world the opportunity to go to school.

==And the final key to the learning process is Developing quality curriculum and programs. Because what we learn when we’re young shapes how we view the world for the rest of our lives

These four facets work in concert and form a powerful force in the quest to bring education to the world.

Each investment in the education fund is an investment that instills knowledge, brings opportunity, and lays the foundation for a brighter tomorrow.

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