I remember sitting outside the doors of the Las Vegas Convention Center at NAB 2012, waiting for day one to start. We had planned to hit a few booths, and we had an appointment or two with some PR people. And then we got an email about this new camera from Blackmagic. We quickly changed our plans and made Blackmagic our very first stop after the doors opened. I was impressed by the camera, for sure, but wasn't really in the market for a new camera at the time. So I signed on the forum here, and then went about my life outside of camera technology.

A few weeks back, I picked up a BMCC of my very own.

Now, I'm not big on camera tests that don't put the camera to use in a real-world situation. So I contacted Hops & Grain Brewery, one of Austin's top craft brewers, and arranged to spend half a day or so shooting some B-Roll at the brewery, and an interview with Josh Hare, owner and head beer guy.

Below is the first real video shot with my BMCC. It's a pretty straightforward piece, but again, my goal was to test out the camera in a way that I'd actually find myself wanting to use it. The B-Roll was all shot with available light. The interview was lit only with a small HMI and a reflector. Audio was recorded with a Rode NTG-3, which was run into my Sound Devices MixPre-D mixer, and then into the BMCC. All of the B-Roll was shot RAW. Most of the interview was shot ProRes, though there is one interview clip in the piece that was shot RAW.

Lenses used include…
- Leica 19mm Elmarit-R f2.8 V2
- Leica 28-90mm Vario-R f2.8-4.5
- Leica 180mm Elmarit-R f2.8
- Sigma 35mm f1.4
- Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4

Workflow involved processing the RAW files in Resolve to create ProRes proxy files. Editing was done in Premiere Pro CS6, with XML linking back to Resolve to conform, color-correct, and master with the RAW files.

Now, I'll be the first to admit…I don't consider myself a colorist. And using Resolve is like trying to navigate the London Underground during a power outage. But my goal with this wasn't so much to create a grading masterpiece, but to get comfortable with the workflow. Like many, I have a lot to learn when it comes to Resolve.

Overall, I have to say I'm very impressed with what the BMCC can do. If it can deliver in the kind of situation I had to work with here, I have no doubt it can deliver in more controlled, truly cinematic situations.

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