We live in a daily dichotomy; the world as we create it, and the world as it is. Beauty, as it has always been, is in the eye of the beholder.

This video was a joint effort from myself and Dave Kiss (vimeo.com/davekiss ) shot using a DIY 360 degree video camera rig that I built. It still needs some tweaking to eliminate the blind spots, but the results are still appealing.

The device constructed consists of four angled mirrors and four configuration plates, each covering a 90 degree view. We then mounted four HVX200 cameras to the plates, which shot upwards into the mirrors and captured the surrounding environment into separate files. The videos were stitched together in post, and flip-flopped to get the perspectives correct. Photos are below and to the right.

Music is "I Believe in Your Victory" by This Will Destroy You


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