Behind the scenes short artistic documentary on a photo shoot with Ron Perron for the band State of Anomie

Director.DP.Editor.Colourist | William Yianni Binks |

[Let it play HD and fullscreen, sound up and sit back for this one to enjoy it fully. For better quality please click download and then HD and it will open in a new window in better quality. Let it load for a while, then enjoy.]

Filmed on location in Maple Ridge, BC

Tech |
Sony FS-100 G-LOG Ultimate
Zeiss 35mm ZF.2 + Zeiss 50mm Macro ZF.2 +Nikkor 24mm f2.8 D
Macbook pro 13 inch + 27 inch Cinema Display color calibrated by a Spyder Express 4
Edited in Premiere
Music: Hammock | Through A Glass Darkly

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