This couple gave us quite a first impression, because they are both gifted in the aspect of height. To date, they are probably the tallest couple we’ve ever had the chance to work with. The bride shared how she first thought of the groom as someone who’s very tall but seemingly aloof and snobbish. We got the same impression from Benj at first, but it turns out, we were both very wrong. Seeing him smile and get emotional as he watched his bride walk down the aisle told us that there is definitely more to him.

Benj and Dette started getting to know each other back in 2007, when they began exchanging text messages. After a few days, Benj asked Dette if he could visit their Church in Bacao. She said yes, and that’s how their love story officially began. She learned to like him as they continued to date, given that he was very persistent and that God helped her as well by telling her that he’s the one destined for her.

They have a simple relationship, but they are very happy together. Both of them love not only each other but their families as well. Now that it’s been six years since they met, their love continues to grow with the grace and goodness of the Lord at their side.

Our team was very delighted to have witnessed the love of this couple, and we are glad to share it through this video. Took place at Island Cove, Unida Evangelical Christian Church, Noveleta Cavite and Antel Grand Village, Bacao General Trias Cavite. By Team Freshminds

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