In 2007, I followed a basic course of After Effects. 2 days to realize a project. At that time, I had this Björk song in my head, and I was thinking, this title is like a story itself, and wondered what story would I tell with such a title. Then the story came.

Endless story about transmission. With different reading levels, up to each one. Virtuous circle of love or generosity, perception, transmission, nature vs. city... Lots of winks.
Strange world where plants become special beings, and where people living in the cities have no head and a big hypnotized eye instead of the belly button.

Anyone interested by the story and want to help me doing it much much better, please contact me !! :-)

ANIMATION / Nina Armangué Braun
MUSIC / Title : Triumph Of A Heart - extract / Artist : Björk / Album: Medulla, 2006

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