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Looking after yourself

Elefriends are here for each other to lend a friendly ear. If things are tough for you right now, reach out to the Elefriends to get it off your chest. But there are also times where you’ll feel more comfortable talking to someone face to face. So try to keep in mind when you’re happy to talk to someone online, and when you really need to see someone in person. Remember that supporting others can take it out of you, too. Make sure you extend the same kindness to yourself that you do to other Elefriends. Take your time and take breaks, especially when you’re supporting an Elefriend who’s struggling. You may be worried about them, but it won’t help them if you end up feeling anxious and fragile, too.

Elefriends like hearing how you’re doing. But sometimes sharing too much can leave you feeling vulnerable. We’ve all said something we’ve regretted later, so take a moment and think about what you’re comfortable sharing. And if ever things get too much, contact the Samaritans, call 999 or to your nearest accident and emergency department.

So, start looking after yourself right now by doing something nice for your mind. Even if it’s something like a gentle stroll, something tasty and wholesome to eat, or a soak in a mud bath, like the Ele here. Whatever works for you.

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