On my vacation to Maui I wanted to capture one awesome photograph that I could use on my about page on my site. I had found an awesome shot on 500px by Eric Kraus facebook.com/erickrausphotography 500px.com/photo/4504335 that inspired me to make the journey to the summit of Haleakala (thanks to Eric for giving me permission to use his photo in this video). I got up early for my night drive from sea level to 10k feet to capture the sunrise.

Not knowing the island well I began to think that all the gas stations didn't open until 5am and I would have to coast down the mountain if i ran out of gas at the summit which was how it was looking, but I finally found one.

Once I hit 8,000' feet I was in the clouds I started to worry me that I came all this way for nothing. Perhaps an awesome shot was not in the cards for me.

I was hoping for somewhat if a spiritual experience by myself to 'worship' Haleakalā "house of the sun", but there were surprisingly more people at the summit than I thought. However, everyone was very quiet because they either wanted that same experience as me or just tired from getting up early.

When the sun rose and hit my face it felt amazing because I was so cold and wet. It happened really fast like an explosion of light and I know others experience it too and I heard some 'ah' from the crowd. This is when I started shooting like crazy and ended up getting what I consider an awesome shot for me site.

I ran the cameras on the way down to and I'm glad I did because the trip down was not uneventful. Watch my downhill skateboarding Haleakalā coming soon.

'Straight To The Light' by Alex / CC BY 3.0

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