Many brides report having nightmares about things going seriously wrong on their wedding day. When Amit and Meera asked me to make their day go wrong, I was surprised! Enjoy a full behind the scenes look.

They said, "We are getting married in the morning before all the guests arrive. All the guests think they are coming to witness the wedding. We might as well make it memorable!"

The couple had seen a previous scam setup "The Proposal" where Amrish had us rig a scene in a restaurant and catch his girl totally unaware. However, this was on a different scale because we were involving two hundred guests in an elaborate setup at a prestigious venue "Syon Park." To make things worse, we couldn't brief Syon House who are notoriously strict. They would have to be kept in the dark. They also had one of the countries best wedding planners ( DBZ Events ). Here I was messing with their planning.

Our aim was to have guests arrive and then leak it that the registrar hadn't turned up. Then a friend of the groom "Mav" had to stand in. Let me tell you, property developer Mav has absolutely no experience doing anything like this. He was terrified.

VIVIDA were placed in charge of the goings on and the filming. Photography was provided by another team. This allowed me to concentrate on making things go wrong.

The Civil Wedding took place on the Friday and the next day was a Hindu Wedding followed by a reception where we had to create a same day edit revealing to the guests that they had been 'Punked' (set up).

Notes to the pros:
VIVIDA had five on the team for the setup. Two more than our normal setup. I instructed the team to film loose and spontaneously. For this to feel right for the guests watching the film, they had to feel that we weren't in control. Sliding shots and well composed shots would create the wrong feel. So before you pro operators start shouting about jump zooming, slow focusing and getting our operators in shot, know it was all planned ;). Some times we had to film secretly. Everything was shot using Canon 5DMKIIs and one MKIII.

For all of you couples who are planning a smooth wedding day...Don't have nightmares!!

Simeon Quarrie
twitter: @simeonquarrie

(This edit is different to the edit we played on the day. On the day we edited a big reveal. This wasn't included with this extended behind the scenes cut.)

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