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This week in Part 2 we find that the Lord says to Moses "thou shalt command" the children of Israel. With the instructions given for the "tent of meeting"; i.e. Tabernacle, now focus turns to getting the Priests and those items associated with ministering before the Lord.
The real truth of this section is the purpose of God in reaching Israel and bringing to himself a people. The section foreshadows many types and fulfillment in the work of God today. The Oil represents the Holy Spirit; our High Priest is Yeshua, who is also the Atoning sacrifice and fulfillment of the Day of Atonement. From the Garments of the Priests, the Breastplate of Judgment, Urim and Thummim, the robe of the Epod, and to the Crown we today, through Yeshua have been brought nigh to our God and Father as “kings and priests” to God. The real truth and Revelation of the Tabernacle and the ministry there equates to this Great God and Father calling to him all those who will. Then through the Tabernacle and ministry of it and the Priests to today through the Lamb of God, the blood of the atoning sacrifice, and those who will come near to him in Repentance.
In this section:
The Oil for the Candlestick
The High Priests and Priests to minister
The Garments of the Priests:
The Breastplate of Judgment
The Urim and Thummim
The Robe of the Ephod
The Mitre: Crown
The Priests are to be Consecrated, Sanctified, to Minister unto the Lord
The Consecration of the Priests:
Altar of Burnt offering and the Atonement
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