Five years of Sheik ‘n’ Beik meant we were on the brink of a great celebration. Feb. 9, 2013. Eight DJs. Thirteen hours. One room.

After wading through the snow, we arrived at the secret Brooklyn spot where the marathon was just underway. We were greeted with a gift – an ultra soft black tank top sporting the Sheik ‘n’ Beik wings.

Faces trickled in. It was a good-looking crowd without a doubt, and an accent hung from the lips of most — French, Spanish.

Flames of light glistened on a gigantic LED background. The Sheik ‘n’ Beik logo shone through in fluorescent neon – the only consistency of the entire night, aside from the quality music. Ricky Gamez and Michel Harruch warmed up the floor.

The residents – Julio, Jeffrey Scott and Fong – enjoyed a peak set. The room was jammed and permeating with steam and smoke. We’ll vote their collaboration set was the best our ears would relish that night.

Dawn is better than dusk – a notion we’ve come to after a multitude of insignificant sunsets, but just a handful of breathtaking sunrises. We popped outside for a waft of the crisp air and caught a stirring morning sun.

But the daylight went unnoticed inside. The afterhours were shadowy and overpowered in red light. In any case, spirits were soaring. Max Pask of Populette alone had enough energy to power every bulb in the room. He danced his way through the bass-driven tech he laid down.

Shadi Megallaa was up next with an eclectic mix of tunes. It was really heartening to see him dig through his crate of vinyls. We were inevitably losing steam by the time Nikko Gibler took the floor, but he made the last oomph of the morning well worth it.

Clocking out at 11 a.m., Sheik ‘n’ Beik’s fifth anniversary celebration turned out to be a marathon of everything that’s right in our industry: great sound, good people, awesome vibes and impeccable tunage.

Lucky for you, we got it all on video.

Gaby Izarra

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