There are several impaired risk underwriting cases as well as product anomalies that resulted in placing difficult cases. Many of these cases were six figure target premium or more. Steve and Jessica review the best placed cases of the month in their underwriting expose’.

AXA Wins Case with Athena UL and LE Guarantees
Lincoln Financial’s Prostate Cancer Niche Strikes Again
Proper Communication on Cardiac Case Scores with Lincoln Benefit Life
Probing Questions & Documentation Allow Protective to Offer Key Person Coverage on Retired Insured
Aviva Notices a Bad Hip and Saves a Cardiac Case
Guarantee to Age 95? You MUST Run MetLife Provider UL
Unique Feature Set of ING's Strategic Accumulator SUL Yields $41K of Target

Steve Savant hosts the weekly TV/Radio and online consumer talk show One for the Money as well as the daily Internet talk show, The Business Insurance Zone. Steve is a national financial columnist, and money color commentator. Steve Savant interviews Jessica Lopez, insurance industry reporter

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