Two years ago, intern Rob Kotz took the smartwater challenge * * He didn't drink water for a whole week, and then we tested his percent body water on our Tanita Scale. Needless to say, electrolytes and water really do work!

And now for the ezia + smartwater challenge 2. This time we took interns Zach, Ricky & Mitch and deprived them of water for 2 weeks! Performance Director Ryan Gallop tested their 300 Yard Shuttle, our EZIA Benchmark of the Week. Without the hydration of smartwater, they came up short and flopped (literally)... Step in Rob Kotz, now our Accounts Manager and athletic beast. How does Rob come out in his 300 yard shuttle? Watch for yourself and see his hydration transformation.

Do you want to be a dehydrated EZIA intern? Summer internship is already full, but we are accepting applicants for Fall.

***Disclaimer: No interns were harmed in the making of this clip. Interns were not really asking to dehydrate themselves. This video is purely for entertainment and we do not condone hazing practices at EZIA.***

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