This film is a demo of the game design concept developed by me and my colleagues at the Service science factory (SSF), University of Maastricht, NL.

I was part of this project as a user experience consultant for Siemens Energy (Germany), under the aegis of SSF. The project was completed in less than 10 weeks.

Siemens came to us with the the brief to increase end customer satisfaction and wish to improve customer relationship management practices internally at the company.

The process followed a typical service design process with interviews, focus group discussions, brainstorms and communication (email) analytics. Resulting in a service blueprint, communication flow charts, personas and storyboards. This fed into the game design, which also incorporated the colloquial corporate language and departmental characteristics at Siemens.

The business simulation- game design focuses on encouraging a 'service mentality' for Siemens energy employees (compressor line of products). The two main challenges the game addresses is open and transparent internal communication between employees and customer centric attitude.

The goal of the game is to have a happy customer and a successfully (timely) handled request. You are rewarded for every correct communication choice and quality of response. If the request is not correctly handled, it is in danger of being stolen by pirates (who are in real life, independent service providers). The game is used to train employees on customer centricity.

Apart from the game design a set of guidelines and a service- workshop module was developed to encourage challenging sluggish request process.

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