Original footage and sound
Three-channel HD (1920x1080) video and sound installation
Duration: 21 minutes, 06 seconds loop
Aspect Ratio: 16:9

The installation ‘After Burning’ was created for my solo exhibition at The Glasgow Project Room in January 2013.

The two large screens – one portrait format, one landscape format – lean against the structural elements in The Glasgow Project Room gallery space, a pillar and a beam and have the same dimensions: 300 cm x 170 cm. The small screen lies at an angle on the floor and is 170 cm x 95 cm.

The three video loops – ‘Red Flicker’, ‘Forest Fire’ and ‘Driving Past. Looking Inside. Looking Outside’ have different durations, creating an asynchronous non-repeating pattern in the installation. The ‘Red Flicker’ video has the same duration and is synched with the soundscape (21 minutes) and changes/intensifies over time in relation to the sonic experience. The installation further explores the affect of flicker on mood, perception and emotion by recreating the sensation of the strobe like red flicker that is experienced through closed eyelids while driving past a forest with the evening sun shining (flickering) through the trees.

On this occasion I was working with and digitally transformed a short sound clip that was recorded in connection with the moving image while driving on a grit road, to create a sonic experience that changed in mood over time – a journey through time, place and memory.


Helena Öhman McCardle (b. 1970 in Umeå, Sweden). She has a Master of Fine Arts from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (1999 – 2004), with an exchange at the Environmental Art Department at Glasgow School of Art in 2002. She has exhibited solo and in group shows and has had her work screened throughout the UK and in Sweden, Norway, Greece, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Germany, Japan and Taiwan.

My work to date has included single-channel video works, soundscapes and immersive audio-visual installations that deal with evocative meditations on perception, time and place as well as the themes of memory, nostalgia and loss. I am interested in harmonious and discordant structures and patterns in sound and the moving image and the interaction between the two – how they can inform and reinforce a topic or an experience, or in dissonance questioning values and emotional responses within the experiencing subject. Over the past three years I have worked with video in combination with digitally composed soundscapes – natural sounds recorded in connection with the moving image that have subsequently undergone a digital transformation into something new yet familiar with the original material. Within this recent body of work I have aimed to take a more experimental approach, particularly in the structure and narrative technique, creating non-linear immersive, psychological video and sound pieces that have poetic resonance.


2013 (Jan)

‘After Burning’, solo exhibition, HD video and sound installation at The Glasgow Project Room, Glasgow, UK.



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