North American environmentalism may be causing as much harm as good in Latin America. Yet discerning a Latin American environmentalism, one heavy on both use and protection, is a challenge. Ecuadorian, but trained as a North American environmentalist, E.T.'s environmentalism changed as he tried to apply it back home. In the Upper Amazon, E.T.'s father, Edwin, built a dam. E.T. can't decide if his father is exactly the sort of environmentalist Latin America needs, or again the reason why we still need all sorts of environmentalism.

This is not the full film, but also not a trailer. It's perhaps best to think of as in introduction, or a "set up."
Critiques are most welcome--it remains very much a work in progress.

Shot, Cut, and Written by At & Edwin Teran
Narration and Translation by Edwin Teran
Music by the Audio Network

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