I’m travelling around the world with my best friend, a one way ticket and a camera.

In Thailand I danced with fire on beautyful beaches, swimmed in crystal clear water, jumped nearly 10 meters from a cliff, ate fantastic thai food, fed monkeys, rode on a hugde elephant, joined the crazy Full Moon Party and even crazier Half Moon Party on Koh Phangan, drove on a scooter around on amazing islands and saw waterfalls, temples, and cliffs. Got pierced and felt badass - then stupid - removed it, saw the sun set and color the ocean red, talked with travellers and locals and lots of other adventures!

Check out my blog for more pictures, videos and information about me.

Get inspired!

Peril - Set Me Free
Daughter - Youth (Isoline remix)
Skrillex - Kyoto
Grandmasters Flash & The furious five - The message
Annie: Chewing gum
Jokeren: Gå væk
Grits - My Life Be Like Ooh Ahh

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