Can a documentary film form host a comic potential and what is the impact of a real subject and persona on the perception of comedy? Can we avoid mockery when pairing comedy with reality and can we meet the challenge of staying on the allied side not crossing the border of our subject’s enemies? In what extent sadness lies behind every pun we can charge at a person?
Oskar Trobec is first of all Elvis. The rest of his functions include being a butcher stamping a guitar into his burgers, making Elvis vine, and feeling like a King on his Graceland estate up in the hill where the roads ends. We took him to the places he belongs to. From casino, down to the studio, where, despite his absolute lack of English or vocal skills, he recorded Are You Lonesome Tonight for us. He plays his game with a zest and belief even a child would hardly achieve. The cross-dressing of a local butcher into an American dream prototype raises mixed feelings. It takes us from a cynical laughter, down to a sad lament which lurks behind his life, surrounded by people who just don't have any understanding for such childish but honest games of admiration.

Elvis is Oskar Trobec, others are just fans
Director of photography: Željko Ivančič
Editing: Marko Berlan
Original music: Sebastijan Duh
Executive producer: Marko Pöschl
TV Slovenija '98

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