If you ever want to feel good about life and get a nice boost of good energy, I heartily recommend that you talk to a person who has gone through weight-loss surgery.

You will be changed forever!

That’s how I felt after listening to these six amazing women who have lived almost their entire life overweight.
All have had weight-loss surgery at Obesity Surgery Specialists and all are in varying stages of their weight-loss journey, and after listening to their stories, you just want to go up and hug them. From Melissa, who has lost 500 pounds and has been featured on national TV, to Jasmine, who is just beginning her weight-loss journey, all of these wonderful people have had their lives transformed in so many different, wonderful ways.

They’re happy. They’re having fun. They’re healthier. And they have shown that with the right tools, you can do anything! We can all learn a great deal from these wonderful ladies!

Dave Henry of IFilm Productions shot the footage, Kate Wiggins of STANANDLOU was the interviewer, Rob from VT2 edited, VT2 producer, Morris Priddy, was executive producer, Willie Golden post-scored, and Lou Congelio produced. It was shot on the sound stage at VT2 Studios.

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