At last, the quasi-sequel to Luxembourg is here!

This is a weird little film that was conceived of as an excuse to shoot something - anything - at a pool because I'd really wanted to do that at the time. Actually, I still do, because pretty much anything near water tends to be a cool location. We thought it'd be fun to do another thing with the argumentative characters from Luxembourg, albeit sans accents. So, for better or for worse, here it is. Hopefully you find some amusement in it.

Whine marks a sort of end of an era for Lobsterdance, as its release sees us leaving the stage of "a couple of nerds with a camera trying to make films," and our upcoming NIVIS EX MACHINA marks a paradigm shift towards considerably more professional productions. Please look forward to it!

Josh Oshkosh Bugosh
Jared P. Foust
Jae Hoffmann
Kyung Yoon Min

Music: "Nothing's Gonna Change My World" by Swinging Popsicle

Edited by Elliot Long

Produced by Clayton Koski

Written by Josh Oshkosh Bugosh & Jared P. Foust

Directed by Jared P. Foust

Shot on a Panasonic DVX-100b.

"The Everlasting Summer Whine reminded me of one of those scenes in a porno where the people aren't having sex."

~ Elliot Long

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