Created and performed by the Bodylines Ensemble at Shopfront Contemporary Arts & Performance Carlton, an integrated dance workshop for people with and without disability aged 12-25 years. Zombie vs Bird is an examination of the conflicts that arise at home and in the schoolyard, set within the rules and boundaries of a computer game. How do we create, and then protect, these boundaries? How do we know when to let them go? How do we know when we can trust someone? When can we let go of the avatar??
Originally created for Shopfront's major project Arcade Assembly, Zombie vs Bird was funded by the Delineate grant from Accessible Arts NSW and Ageing Disability & Home Care NSW (ADHC). With this grant, the piece was developed for the Arts Activated Conference 2012, and turned into a film for ADHC's Don't DIS My ABILITY campaign for International Day of People with Disability 2012.
Directed by Margot Politis, Artistic Associate for Accessibility at Shopfront, Music by Michael Moebus and Matthew Massaria, set by Katja Handt and the Ensemble, Filmed and Edited by Daniel Foeldes, Assisted by Lucy Watson and Tanya Thaweelskuchai. Created & Performed by the Bodylines Ensemble: Jessie Chapman, Becky Howell, Brianna Lowe, Chloe Lozelle, Anthony Matthew, Lucy Watson & Tristan Woodberry.
For information about Bodylines, contact Margot Politis or phone Shopfront (02)9588 3948

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