1.Dive as low as possible onto the flattest available surface. Try to spread out arms and legs and create a sort of starfish position, resting on the belly.
2.Absorb as many sensations as possible through your skin. Stand up.
3.How does your experience differ between places? What does this let you know about where you are?

'I am a star: universal landscape detection methodology' is a series of video works in which the performer's body mimics a scientific instrument to gauge various landscapes through sensation. The detections featured here comprise a map of the landscape pertinent to The Hammock Residency, an artist project by Heidi Nagtegaal. Performed by Mirae Rosner. Concept by Mirae Rosner and Holly Holt. Filmed in East Vancouver by Ken Tsui. Editing assistance by Jesse Scott and Jocelyn Chaput. Mapping by Heidi Nagtegaal. Created in residency at The Hammock Residency, September 2012.

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