I was the Director of Photography on this project. At first, I wasn't too thrilled with the color treatment, but after a few viewings it's grown on me a bit. It's very different than how I would approach it, but maybe that's a good thing.


Created for the Sigur Ros Mystery Film Experiment competition.

The music of Sigur Ros screams for visual accompaniment. Epic yet intimate, equally at home in a concert hall as in a pair of headphones, the cinematic qualities of the music are inescapable. As filmmakers, our goal was to capture these seemingly disparate qualities in a way that was both familiar yet unique. Initial thoughts of huge shoots in the Southern California desert were quickly replaced by the desire to find the epic in the ordinary. The intimacy in the everyday. Every shot in our video took place within a two mile radius of a small apartment in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles. We attempted to slow down one person's "average day", so that the viewer would be able to see the beauty and majesty that surround even the simplest of things. To us, the final product proved to be the perfect visual reflection of Sigur Ros music. We hope you think so as well.

Director: Sun-Ho Pak
Director of Photography: Gene Sung
Producers: Sarah Yejin Jung & Steven Michaels
Concept: Steven Michaels, Sun-Ho Pak, Koral Michaels, & Sarah Yejin Jung
Assistant to Camera: Conor Gilmore
Editor: Sun-Ho Pak
Colorist: Shawn Lee Wison
Starring: Koral Michaels & Steven Michaels
All footage shot with a Sony FS700
Side Project Productions

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