USB Digital Microscope "Scorpio" - - 500x Zoom, 1600x1200 Resolution

USB digital microscope “Scorpio” with 5x – 500x zoom, 1600x1200 picture resolution and 8 bright LEDs for a perfect view of the subject.

Discover the thrill of exploring microscopic particles not visible for the naked eye, thanks to the Scorpio USB microscope. With its incredible 500x magnification, you’ll be able to examine skin pores, hairs, fibers, crystals or any other object you want to examine and view them in larger than life on your PC screen. The microscope is detachable from its handy stand and gives you the ultimate freedom to explore every angle. Adjust the brightness of the 8 LEDs and take snapshots using the provided software. Perfect for examining the slightest imperfection on your coin or stamp collection, examine jewelry or use it to have some fun examining everyday objects from a whole new point of view. The “Scorpio” is also great for kids as it gives them the opportunity to discover a new, fascinating world first handed and learn while playing. Plug this USB microscope to your pc and experience a whole new world!

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At a Glance...

*5x to 500x Zoom
*Native 1600x1200 picture resolution
*640x480 video resolution
*8 LEDs
*Snapshot recording software
*USB 2.0 Interface
*Cool Scorpion Design

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