The moon is new.
The tide is low.
Algae and other life forms
experience full sun heat.
Forms of plant and animal evolve.

The algae Hormosira Banksii(Neptune's necklace) is observed at Pearl Beach, NSW, on Friday 8 February 2013. I join a field trip with young scientists led by Jennifer Clarke, a PhD candidate from the Climate Change Cluster (C3), University of Technology (UTS). I observe and assist her and two young women measure the algae for its capacity to photosynthesise in increasingly variable temperatures. After working hard in the sun all day the women swim to cool down and relax. Seeing them frolic in the sea inspires this movie I made that suggests our origins as creatures of the sea. Oceanic reconnection is part of a suite of movies I am making to explore ways of visualising our connections to Land and Ocean. I call the suite Light reflection.

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