My name is Sara Johnson, and I'm graduating year of 2013 in Visual Language from the University of Central Florida. I'm an enthusiastic learner, a great communicator, passionate about what I do. The above demo reel demonstrates my work in textures (both painted and photographic) and in mental ray shading.


"Wasteland Clay"
Created shader for the ground plane, and painted the displacement map and alpha map in Photoshop.
Problem-solved subdividing extremely high-poly geometry in a render-efficient way.

"Alien Chemistry Set"
Created all 12 shaders on the chem set, and painted each diffuse and bump map in Mudbox.
Retouched in Photoshop, correcting for low-res areas.

"Bob's Gas Mask"
Created all three shaders and painted diffuse and bump for each in Mudbox.
Used Mudbox to paint alpha maps for each shader, and Photoshop to clean up.

"Bob's Boots"
Created shader and painted diffuse and normals in Mudbox.
Later re-touched the maps in Photoshop because of noticeable stretching when rigged.

Created shader. Painted diffuse and bump in Mudbox. Painted glossiness map in Photoshop.
After critique, added smaller details to the diffuse map using Photoshop.

"Still Life Render"
I modelled and UV'd each of the objects in Maya. I created each shader, and each texture -- sometimes painting them by hand, and sometimes by taking high-res photographs of objects I could find. I also arranged the composition of the camera and lit the scene.

"Discarded O2 Tank"
Created shader and painted diffuse and reflectivity maps using Pixexix and Photoshop.
Created displacement map in Photoshop.

Music: Raggy Looking Dance by Alexander Rosetti

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