Around 6am, I peeked through the blinds to see if anything was going on.
By chance, a fox was foraging for food scraps.
This video is very grainy due to the low light level.
Also, there's real snow, as well as digital snow.
Still, you get a long look at the fox.
The fox gets comfortable enough to lie down (with haunches still at the ready)--
gnawing on frozen leftovers takes a long time.
Towards the end, there's a funny bit when the fox jumps up and pounces,
burrowing his snout down into the snow.
It doesn't come up with much, though.
Note: you might notice the 2nd part of this clip is a bit darker and bluer than the first bit.
That's because the 2nd part of this clip was shot first, when there was less sunlight (and hence more digital noise).
I front-loaded the lighter bit because the image quality is better.
I did some rough color correction (using an uncalibrated monitor),
but you can still see the dark and blue original look at the very end.

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