PhytoBerry Multi and VegeGreens Multi use only the highest quality, most extensively researched ingredients from around the world. Each component is carefully selected for its purity, potency and compatibility and has been rigorously tested for over 200 agricultural and chemical contaminants.

The critical role that plant foods play in our diet cannot be overstated. Yet very few of us consume the recommended number of daily servings. Thanks to PhytoBerry Multi and VegeGreens Multi, that mission just got a whole lot easier.

A single scoop provides the nutritional density of 6-8 servings of fresh fruit or vegetables, along with over 30 additional vitamins, minerals and support nutrients. In combination, they offer an unbeatable one-two punch that provides an almost endless list of isolated, botanical and trace nutrients.

Now there is no excuse for not taking your vitamins or eating all your fruits and veggies!

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